Work points

  • new tripod arrived! Can’t open it until tomorrow once I’ve used it for a new State ID and change of address.
  • putting Lego together until I don’t need instructions during recording. I used to be a whizz at this skill and could do it with all my old sets. Work the muscle.
  • Art features out the wazoo. Contacting more artists. Evil Tellytubby is one of the highest-rated things on the blog. :v
  • Cranking out movies. My break from most social media and gaming will leave more time for writing and concentration. Too cold to go out.
  • Omega Prime will finally have the spotlight.
  • Goofing around with games!
  • LDD back-ups are underway. Giant robots will clash!
  • Weird fiction! Short horrors! Poems from the idiot!
  • More books, short tales, and novellas to showcase.

Wake up from the slack of music and occasional stuff. Put on the gloves, wimp! One-two-one-two! Be the me that believes in you!

3 thoughts on “Work points

    1. I’m hammering out the “Doe” story by dropping all the world-build fact-based nonsense that I get bogged down in as shorties *can* have that but don’t *require* it.

      Just going to write it like I’ve lived in a place forever and don’t need any explaining, only recounting an experience. Be like a rock: when you roll it down a hill, it doesn’t stop to worry about any of the math or science involved, it just a mindless rock.

      I’m a mindless rock!


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