Cool Builds: Lego Classic, Green Creativity Box 1

My new tripod arrives later this week but I decided that I just don’t want to hold off on this anymore so I present to you Cool Builds 1-A in step-by-step image format with only a single mistake. One of the new Classic sets is a good place to start since the builds are small. I’m starting off with the first model in the green Creativity Box because it’s the first model in the booklet and it isn’t the crocodile. I want that crocodile on video. So here’s a quick look at the set’s castle model: castle
It’s a nice little castle with arches and a door with red carpet.

Now that’s well and good but we aren’t going to break down how to build it. We’re going to break down how to build the ALL THE BRICKS redesign that I cooked up: Big Castle!
These are the bricks we will use to build Big Castle. This is also the only mistake I made in the instructions. I kept counting the same two bricks.
Place the 2×6 m. green, two 2×4 green, and two 1×2 plate bricks down as shown.
Attach the 2×2 green blocks so that they hold the green and m. green plates together. Attach the four 1×2 m. green bricks to connect the remaining plate and form the castle’s hedges.
Attach one 1×2 l. green brick behind each “hedge”. Attach both of the red plate bricks in the shown pattern to form the red carpet.
Place the door brick between the two l. green blocks. The flat red plate will allow the door to swing up and down freely.
Attach a l. green 1×2 brick to the top-back of each green square block and put a 1×1 green brick next to each. Fit the large gray archway brick over the door.
Put a tan cylinder brick in front of both 1×1 green brick on top of both hedges, these will act as torch scones. Attach a white tapered cylinder brick to the top of both 1×1 green bricks to form windows. Attach a green slope brick to the top of both 1×2 l. green bricks as shown.
Attach both small gray archway blocks to the large archway and each green slope brick to frame the castle’s windows. Attach the 1×2 green brick in-between the small arches.
Attach two green slope bricks to the to of the gray arches and green brick. Connect both slopes with a 1×2 l. green brick.

Attach the green studded top-plate to the top of the 1×2 green plate and place the combined block on top of the l. green brick as shown.

Attach a green sloped brick to both gray cylinder bricks and the rounded green slope brick to the black cylinder brick.
Attach the two smaller flags on opposite sides of the small gray arches and the large flag to the top of the studded plate and presto: you have a Big Castle!

If you built this model for your own amusement or put it together with your children, I hope that you had some fun with it. I will be keeping to smaller builds while I get Cool Builds properly up and running in video format. There will be big things to come, till then!


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