The best laid plans…

Today saw me gifted with clear skies and warm sun, the perfect combination to start filming a bunch of Cool Builds shorts. My bedroom was set up as a makeshift studio with a folding table and chair right in the noon sunlight and a tray table with my laptop ready to provide instructions in the event that I managed to forget a step in one of my own builds.

I took my miniature tripod out of its cloth bag and started to assemble it. I was screwing on the top clamp, the bit that holds the iPhone, when I quickly noticed that it kept screwing. It should not do that. I checked the part and saw that the plastic all around the socket had been shattered; all of my stuff has been coming back out of boxes after the move and a heavier box must have shifted in the back of our van.

The clamp itself was fine and could still hold the phone so I decided that, as long as I handled the adjustments with care, the tripod would hold up just fine. The direct sunlight was a bit stronger than the camera in my phone liked but it would still make for some good practice runs. Murphy had other ideas for my destiny on this day, however, and my confidence was swiftly invalidated when the clamp joint shattered half-way through the first build, sending the phone tumbling onto said first build and shattering it as well.

Have you ever experienced a moment where something went wrong in such a way that you completely bypass “mad” and go right to “impressed”?

So I took a moment and tallied up the problems in order of severity:

  1. Die-pod
  2. Sun too bright
  3. Build in pieces

I then rationalized each problem:

  1. Tripod was affordable and readily available on Amazon
  2. That’s what it do
  3. Build is made of pieces LOL

So in the end I just don’t get to film today. Compared to the burmblesnert yesterday that was two brothers in their thirties trying to figure out how to get a big table through a narrow hallway, that’s fine for right now; It is what it is. I need a new tripod and since I need a new tripod I might as well get a better camera as well. So in the meantime I shall busy myself with making graphics and actual title cards while I make the walk-in closet a proper recording space where I have actual control over lighting.

So at the, what is it, middle of the day? Yes, at the middle of the day I still have video work to do, just not of the recording variety.

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