Music Monday: Instrumental Vitamin C

Original graphic by The Tattooed Book Geek

Today was going to be a great day. I was going to set up a few tables in the pleasantly warm, direct sunlight streaming through my window and set up my mini-tripod. I was going to pour out a bunch of Lego Bricks, record the first bunch of little builds, and have a fun little time doing it with some nice hot tea and a boiled egg. Then I woke up and discovered that a) it was raining and b) my room was cold as yeti balls. As I stood there in my boxers and Evil Dead shirt contemplating in hindsight that I should have checked the weather, I decided to just take it in stride. After all, I’d had a good time sitting out in front of my new home rereading Jurassic Park (fitting that one of my “trapped on an island” books is about being trapped on an island) in my favorite outdoor chair under a wool blanket in the warm sun so Sunday certainly wasn’t wasted. It’s just that Gettysburg has been cold and cloudy for what seems like weeks now and the closet isn’t properly set up for filming yet so I’m still a bit peeved.

But today is Monday and I still have stuff to do. Cooking dinner and laying down scheduled movie reviews comes later. Right now I want to tackle music, particularly the kind that makes me feel good just about any time: instrumental. Nothing beats taking a walk or ride to the Allman’s “Jessica” or putting Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption” on loop just for the hell of it. Today’s feature was actually introduced to me in famous Sloppy Joe’s on Duval Street in Key West. Oh God, if you’ve never been there it needs to go on top of your travel list, the food and live music are whatever category exists above “An Experience” level.

One visit we listened to The Doerfels, who now work under the name Fuel On Fire, perform covers and original tunes while we ate. I became in instant fan and looked for more, finding this video recording of them performing “Orange Blossom Special”. Now of course a recording can’t do justice to both their performance and Sloppy Joe’s but I was knocked out by the energy anyway. That’s what I love most about an instrumental: energy.

Now on the sidebar of that video was another of the Charlie Daniels Band performing the same song. Holy shit, now THAT had to be something and you know what, it was that and then some. High energy, mighty band chemistry, and great showmanship, a real powerhouse of a performance. So I hope you enjoy “Orange Blossom Special” by Charlie and his boys. May it bring some sunshine to your own cloudy days.

A Special Music Sharing with Alex

Do you have a favorite instrumental track of your own? It doesn’t matter what genre it belongs to, let us hear it! Let’s all make today an awesome day! Comment it, share it, or Ping it. Spread the tunes!


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