Cool Builds 0.1

I still have to get my room straightened out in order to turn my walk-in closet into a recording studio. However, my room does have excellent natural lighting from dawn to dusk and a nice open spot to plop down a tray table to spread out some Lego bricks. While I order some proper editing software and make some drafts for the title graphic I will be making a series of short videos detailing the build instructions and my own custom models from one of the newest Lego Classic brick sets. I was gifted the “Green” one because it features an alligator. Of course.

Alligators! Nothing has been stopping me from picking that feature back up other than forgetfulness. I need to do some collection pieces.

Back on course, right. Getting Blender and practicing with editing effects, three provided models and five custom models to share with Digital Designer instruction files to share. Follow that with a series of “surprise” builds and some Lego Ideas showcases and I should have things in order by the time I get to the cool robots and those ridiculous giant robot combiner block sets that I’ve been talking about since Day One.

Stay optimistic, stay busy, and maintain focus while working. Don’t maintain focus all the time or I’ll get into a thought loop and freeze.

Onward to glory!

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