Holiday Bling

My parents, along with our sister and her boyfriend, came up last week for a late Hanuka-quasi-Christmas visit. We went out for a nice dinner and I got the chance to play Party Host in the new house with a Meat & Cheese platter and my apple peeler/corer/slicer. I love using that thing, it’s so fun and was a hit.

I already covered getting Lucker so here’s a lighter look at two gifts that weren’t lurking horrors. Back when I had a really cushy job I was always bookmarking things on Amazon and by “bookmarking” I mean “dumped into Wish List”. This particular piece sat in there for a long-ass time because I’m better at seeing stuff that I like than I am at spending money on everything I see. Well, now. Anyway, behold the power.


I love the “Nordic” look it has going on, I call it Paarthurnax because of course I would do that. Then earlier this month my parents spent their anniversary in New Orleans. On the drive back up they had to pass through South Of The Border, a very famous tourist stop/trap. That’s where this gizmo came from:

Gort bedazzles.

A bronze retro-styled robot with moving limbs and tacky gems, that’s not to love?! I am certain to be the coolest dude on the block this year, fer sure.

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