A Mingled Christmas

Merry Christmas, I’m Jewish. I’ll be side-stepping the whole rigmarole involved there. Today is Christmas, I want to wish you and yours a very merry one, that’s what I’m gonna do. I like seeing faces light up. My mother’s side of the family always held big get-together for Christmas. We’d spend the night over at my grandpa’s house, have chinese food, and open presents in the cozy living room around the tree in the morning. Then it was off to grandma’s for dinner. I was raised on the best of both and that spirit carried over into adulthood.

Now there was some kind of study recently that stated “listening to holiday music makes you depressed and while I get where they are coming from that’s not entirely true, for you see there are “Christmas songs” and there are “Rock Christmas songs”. I have always been a fan of rock’n’roll Christmas songs because they mix the feel-good season with a feel-good sound. I do enjoy all the classic, more traditional musical Christmas fare, I just get an extra kick when it’s powdered in awesome like a funnel cake. So it shouldn’t surprise you then that I have a Christmas song for today, or that it involves Thin Lizzy.

Embed from Getty Images

In 1979, Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, Brian Downy, and Scott Gorham got together with Sex Pistol’s Paul Cook and Steve JonesĀ  to make a single entitles “A Merry Jingle”. The tune combines “Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year” and “Jingle Bells” into one energetic, wailing carol of awesome. So chug an eggnog and hurl your glass at the fireplace as we rock out!

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