Quick Update

There’s going to be a lot of moving, appliance shopping, and Thanksgiving stuff going on here with family coming out to see us. Between that, the short story I’ve been working on thanks to some inspiration from Peter over at Little Fears, and plain old forgetfulness (My birthday was this week and I had not the first damn clue about it!) I might be going into yet another indeterminate “dormant” phase. The cold and snow hitting right around this time also really helps drag one into the doldrums and I was positive I’d passed the toll booth for that joint not too long ago.

On the upside, well not really but kind of, the Gettysburg Dime Museum will be closing next week in grand fashion with sideshow acts, weird musicians, local legends, and a good dose of the peculiar. I’m most certainly not going to miss the chance to document the end to its brief but wonderful life here in town so look out for that in the days ahead.


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