Music Monday: Howl’ween + Matching with Alex


Halloween is upon us and I don’t even have a costume ready! There was no reason to bring any of them over from New Jersey any of the times we headed over there and now I’ll just have to go without. I could have had the Bigfoot one shipped down to me as all I’d have to tell my Dad would be, “It’s all together in its zip bag.”, but between the root canal and the multitude of small things irking me right now I kept forgetting to ask. The Mark Watney costume (He was the guy in The Martian, not one of you had any excuse to not know who I was that year!) that I put together is also a no-go as its components are all over the place so I would have to physically make the three-and-a-half hour trip just to dig through an old room.

The awesome alien-gator-bat-thing also had to take a backseat to more important costs so I wasn’t able to do it this year. I thought that was such a great idea. Well, I can still do some appropriate music and wouldn’t you know it, my favorite band just happens to have a song for any occasion. Back when Thin Lizzy was still the trio of Phillip Lynott, Eric Bell, and Brian Downey they composed a track for their first album called “Full Moon Madness”. If you haven’t guessed by now, the song is about becoming a werewolf and eating the fuck out of people. Of particular note is Eric’s guitar going into full chaotic groove mode to represent man losing control to the beast’s baser instincts as the Moon fuels a manic blood lust that is barely sated.

And yeah, yeah, “Three Wolf Moon” because of Phil’s closing line. :p

Music Matching with Alex!

Weekly challenge: find or share a song that you know that either has a matching title, theme, or other details. The more matches, the better! Make them clear, make them oddly specific, or make them obscure, it’s yours! Musicians welcome! To enter, simply either leave a link to your match as a comment with a few words (More words, if you like.) or add a Pingback to your post and I’ll scuttle over to see what you’ve come up with. 😀

Give in to the madness

Late, sometime before midnight
He comes creeping up
And before you get him sussed
He’s gone before dusk

And when you arise
Red ruby rings circle your eyes
If it’s later than you realized
Check with the stars and the skies

Old moon madness has struck again

A howl in the dark light
A flash of teeth bright white
A scream and a bite
Old moon madness has struck again tonight

But there’s no need to worry
For the crimes that you’ve done
Worse has been committed
With no moon madness to blame it on

Old moon madness has struck again

In fact you could say you’re lucky
You and me
Mother Earth has only one moon
And not three

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