Movigos: Resurrection


It has been quite a time for the Movigos these past four months as life has seen us scattered here and there to the far reaches of the world with our own host of life events, issues, and breaks. But like the vampire that just won’t stay dead, we’ve been regrouping and forming a plan most wicked for this Halloween.


The Sideshow

Each one of us will plumb the depths of the deepest dungeons within Castle Burmblesnert with the aid of our very own Movigor to find a short of five minutes or less with which to form our ritual circle of Viewing. None of us knows what we will see or what the result of such mixing will produce but it’s bound to be something wonderfully ghoulish. New initiates are required to bring their own specially prepared warding candles.

Aligning of the Stars

Wednesday, October 31st
The Movigos Cauldron of Stew and Goo
Time: estimate at 9pm GMT/5pm EST/4pm CST
Features: TBA

We will be testing out a new viewing tool on to replace the older system of syncing up and hitting play at the same time. Once everyone watching has joined the room, the playlist can just be started up and everyone will be good.


Alex – @SynBoomstick
Amberley – @IamAmberley
Chris – @chriswood01
Elijah – @ElijahR_S
Eric – @ericshayhoward
Layne – @Chew_On_Glass
Mel – @GutierFiction
Peter – @TheLittleFears

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