Lame Toys with Alex, Part 20: Knockoffs, Disassemble!

The full morning that I had mixed with waking up before eight o’clock caught up with me while I was making this video. As such, it is currently the longest, most self-defeating, and boring video that I have made to date. You might not think so but I’m an artist, damn it! Hating yourself is the first rule of art!

I did manage to spiff up the tone and possibly the humor with the right accompanying music track but the resultant file size made my blog storage quiver with existential dread. “You are not putting that inside me!”, it yelled in defiance. So I hopped over to the Facebook page and uploaded it there.

Thing is, I can’t get the video code to show up on the page and I’ve tried everything. Wondering what I wasn’t doing correctly this time I checked one of my older video features that was linked to Facebook. The video portion was no longer there. Well shee-it. I lost my older video files to a program error so it’s a good thing that Facebook lets you download your own videos for a backup. I’ll be moving everything to YouTube over the next week or two and starting with this one so that it can be seen.

Hell, I’ll just put it in the blog storage. I can always delete it later when everything is fixed. Cue the “Technical Difficulties” music.

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