BIG Update



After a year of hunting and inspecting and a heartbreak or two when someone else would swoop in on a dream home with cash (Grudge 5: The Grudgening), we’ve found a house here in town that worked out. November 16th is a couple days off from my birthday but damn if that’s not awesome for move-in timing. There’s furniture to look at and deck the place out in cool stuff, a backyard to plan with our uncle, and my own space to work on everything here without interruption as we’ll be further away from campus and truck traffic.

I look at Gettysburg as being split into four quadrants by the traffic circle. Clockwise they are: 1-Hotel, 2-Tourist, 3-Town, and 4-College. Currently we’re in “College Quad” on the main street and will be transferring to “Town Quad” off the main in a more residential area.

It looks like I’ll be able to get serious about buying my moped much soon than I originally thought. I checked everything out on the dealer’s website and sent a brochure request just in case there’s more information on the make and model in there but I shouldn’t have a problem customizing it to suit my needs. Gettysburg, after all, is Bike Country.

I also had my first appointment with my new doctor today. Their office even has psychiatry so my medications are all covered. So yeah, today was a sausage-egg-cheese biscuit day. 😀

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