Possibly Big Update

The next several weeks could see me making the move from an apartment to a house in town. My brother and I would be getting more room, two floors of space for more privacy and working room, a small backyard to trick out, actual furniture to store and display stuff on, easier access to groceries, bank, and pharmacy while still being in walking distance from all our favorite stuff, and an actual bit of front porch.

The one issue is that I would have further to walk in the event that Glen isn’t available to take me to appointments. That leads into my next great step in gaining a bit more independence. I’m looking at scooters and mopeds in town that are 49cc, meaning they’re street legal and don’t require a license to operate. The MPG looks good, the second seat folds up into a back rest, and there’s seat storage plus a place to put an additional pod on the back. We don’t even have the house yet and I already feel the urgent need to go get this thing right now before someone else does so I’m putting in a request for the manual. Better to know more about it before I go.

So sometime soon there’s likely to be two new sets of keys on my belt. I’m pretty excited. 😀

My family was up this past week visiting houses so I didn’t get any time to make a video. A new pair will start filming tomorrow as I’ll have a whole bunch of free time after an early morning appointment and I don’t want to just go back to sleep again. Maybe I’ll even take the editing work out for lunch.

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