One Year


Last night, my little corner of the blogosphere turned a year old. I should buy a cake.

Things around here wouldn’t have grown very much without the circle of friends I made along the way, shout out to my fellow Movigos/blogmeisters. Maybe one day my prose will be as clever as yours:

Little Fears
Chewing On Glass
fuck the lemonade
Fiction In My Head
Eric Shay Howard

And if any of you know what Ward’s up to, would you let me know? I’ve been out of the loop too much and found that his blog and Twitter are both gone. 😦

I started with a base of four highly limiting topics. Well, technically three since two were both about toys and only differed in quality. My budget required some expansion by around, what, March maybe? So I started working my literary muscle and put out a few weird little stories. Mel gave me the nudge to add music to the list so I’d stop pestering her (wise-ass grin) and so I dug into my trove to find my favorite eccentric, eclectic, and otherworldly music while pouring love onto Thin Lizzy like the unapologetic Lizzbian that I am.

To date I have done exactly one feature on art. In the coming year I mean not only to improve that but also to start drawing and doodling again. I found that being part of an art community for eleven years basically killed any desire I had to do so because everybody gets too judgemental and I’m just doing it for fun and the joy of getting stuff out of my head, even if said sea serpent translates into a hairy noodle.

Readers seem to enjoy the stories of times when either me, my brother, or both of us doing something really stupid and ended up looking like a bag of asses so I’ll keep sharing them. I’m also going to be starting this new year off with a few books, starting with one of the weirdest forms of alien invasion that I’ve yet come across. The whole collection of alligators and crocodiles has also made it to PA at last so I can pick up with my own annoying version of the dreaded slide show.

So here’s to one year of Weird Shit with Alex, and many more. Cheers. 😀

-Pop goes the Boomstick

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