Early AM: The Wigging Hour

The “Wigging Hour”: when you are sweaty and tired but not tired because you can’t sleep so your mind wigs out and starts several thoughts and ideas at the same time.

The whole “one of your tooth dyin'” thing has me awake. I watched a few more episodes of Blood Lad, finished the third act of a flick called The Monster Project, and then went into a BBC documentary about fungi. Putting the TV on when your mind is busy at night is a lot like having a fever dream in that respect and Monster Project especially did a no-no by dropping a “fourth-act” twist ending directly onto its head. I’m talking “belongs in a whole different movie” levels of, “Que?”

So I have Minecraft running in the background in order to fill up my zombie punching machine while I’m watching/listening to fungus and I think about hot tea for my jaw. Do I want a book with that tea? I won’t get any sleep if I read with tea now and I have chiropractic stuff tomorrow. I mean, I have chiropractic stuff today. Should I get tea tomorrow and sit down to read? I liked the last book I read, it was a murder mystery. The one before that was a science fiction “mystery” with tons of humor. I’m supposed to be writing something up about that one.

Do I want to go into some details about the book? What about the author’s style and delivery? This is the only book by this author that I have, would I know where to being? Should I get a normal tea or one of those weird in-hour brewed teas? Will that make figuring out which things to write about easier? It certainly will not if I can’t figure out what tea I want.

I could have tea and make myself catch up with my fellow bloggers’ work. I always scold myself for getting bogged down in the distractions of home life, trying to get out of said home, and managing my own blog. I write maybe once a week, what’s there to manage around? Just read something, you can make time for it. It’s not like you have to belly flop onto the Reader Page and hit everything that everyone has posted in the last several… what would it even be considered at this point?

But it’s not like you have to hit all of them at the same time and leave a huge streak of notifications. They’ll all think you’re nuts. But will they think you don’t care if you only do a few?

No, I think not doing anything definitely feels worse. My tooth feels worse. It doesn’t feel worse. It’s very tough to explain or rationalize to myself. The root of the tooth is dying so I can’t feel anything from it, but everything around it feels warm and fuzzy and aches a bit now and then. It’s very serious and doesn’t feel like anything. A broken toe hurts!

I broke my toe once, ran through the living room and accidentally kicked a stereo system. It looked like a grape. I called it The Grape. The Grape sucked, it was a throbbing little asshole that burned in hot water so I couldn’t enjoy a good soak without behaving like a stork with some mental deficiencies. Storks are weird, they have neck elbows. What the fuck is a neck elbow?

I need to flex my arms, they’re a bit stiff from sitting here watching this Dagwood Sandwich/Trashcan of television. Trashcan is a drink at this local place that’s a lot of stuff in a glass with an upside-down Red Bull in it. I don’t buy into energy drinks. I wanted to buy the Lego Voltron but I held off so far for budget reasons and also because once I built it and play with the lions and combine them, then what? I don’t know why that entered my head at the last moment.

Transformers suck right now. You have either the cheap stuff on store shelves that’s “meant for the kids” which means it’s cheaply made and boring to transform when the style and figure is still obviously aimed at your target audience of us thirty to forty-year olds, or you have the absurdly expensive, highly detailed and complex figures which are definitely targeted at us that end up being shit half the time anyway and awesome yet out of most price ranges due to being priced according to the equally absurd sums that collectors are willing to pay for them. I don’t have to be a collector, I could just be a dude who wants a single cool robot toy without being terrified of calling it a toy, because it’s a toy.

I have to do another Cool Toy soon. I also have to remember music on Mondays. My brain circled back to watching movies. I’m going to watch a movie. With tea?

Insert heavy sigh.

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