Last week I forgot Music during Labor day. This week it was due to being in the ER having tests run to figure out what was going on with some weird facial pain and to do something about the withdrawal I started to have after not being able to reach my previous doctor.

It turns out that one of my teeth has a dying nerve, which is why I have facial pains and odd sensations but no actual tooth pain. There’s also a little mosh pit of bacteria around the root of the tooth having themselves a party. My new dentists talked with me a little about my options and I’m going back next week to discuss it with more family in the room so that more ears get more info. In the meantime I’m on antibiotics but there’s either a root canal and cap or an extraction and false replacement in my near future.

So I’ll be trying to keep it as stress-less as possible here at home. That means that I’m probably not going to figure out Movigos this month and I’ll be watching a lot of movies and reading a bunch of books. More writing, less talking. I’m lucky to have found a great book that’s perfect to start my look into weird books with, and speaking of movies, if you haven’t already done so go check out Next Gen, which just launched on Netflix. It’s delicious Asian robot animation!

Until the next time I forget something,

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Alex!!! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having a difficult time. I really hope that your pain resolves quickly. You’re a resilient young man and I know you’ll pull through this quickly.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep going… keep doing what you’re doing… you’re amazing! I believe in you and you will pull through and emerge victorious!

    Hugs! Lots!

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    1. Appreciate ever hug, Mel. 🙂

      I can use the partial downtime to practice getting some Reader done each day in addition to whatever else blog or life-related I’m doing.

      Looking at houses, getting the groceries in, managing cat-smell in an apartment, playing Movigo Tag to keep up with where everyone is currently at, dealing with this tooth now, and trying to run a blog with a Swiss cheese brain. I’ll get a handle on this “Life” thing yet.

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