Cool Toys with Alex, Part 10: Super Cute Attack: Big Drill!

Blogger Blues: An update for OpenShot was available the other day so I took a moment to get the latest features. What I forgot to do was back up my “work” folder because when updating, the program just removes any files that were added to the folder. Files like my “work” folder. Why did I keep it there since last time?! So yeah, I lost all my videos, again. I can’t switch them over to YouTube and out of my WordPress storage, again.



I also dropped music this time around as it’s been a consistent issue of managing the volume so that I can be heard over it. OpenShot appears to treat “10% Total Volume” on a case-by-case basis and I’m not a fan.

Today we take a look at another Figure from SirToys that I kept a loose eye on until one became available. It turned out to be quite good, something that I hadn’t encountered with the site up until now. I researched this figure for a long time and most of it was fruitless. For one, not even Glen’s best friend, who speaks Mandarin Chinese, or the friend’s wife, who is from China, could make much sense of the booklets the figure came with. For another, the name of the toy company involved is Ling Dong. Yeah, good luck doing any kind of search with “Dong”.

Eventually I was able to navigate my way to the company’s actual website and record a bit of information. I was able to do this exactly once for the internet swallowed it back up, never to be seen again. In fairness, I’m not entirely clear on how I managed to locate it in the first place but I clearly recall making Bookmarks for both websites, they’re just inexplicably absent from my folders.

So this is “Big Drill”, a villain character from the animated series “Super Cute Attack”. I couldn’t get the second half of the title because the translation tool consistently refused to recognize it as words. Everything else, honky-dorie, but the sub-title? “Don’t need it!”

If I can track the site down again I’ll make an update. But now, here is Big Drill!

The quality is set low to save on storage space as this runs a bit longer than usual.

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