Music Monday: Happy Birthday, Phil + Matching with Alex


I’m glad to be able to keep this brief and to the point as I’m a bit unwell. I completely forgot about last week as I was so focused on writing other things but I’m going to roll with it because this Monday lines up perfectly with the birthday of my favorite musician, the late, great Phillip Lynott. To an Irish Legend, cheers.

Music Matching with Alex!

Weekly challenge: find or share a song that you know that either has a matching title, theme, or other details. The more matches, the better! Make them clear, make them oddly specific, or make them obscure, it’s yours! Musicians welcome! To enter, simply either leave a link to your match as a comment with a few words (More words, if you like.) or add a Pingback to your post and I’ll scuttle over to see what you’ve come up with. 😀

Rock Forever

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