Back to work

The family has headed back home so I have time to loaf around again, which means that I’m back to finding weird flicks and recording again. I’m going to try for shorter videos without music or title cards so I won’t have to worry about getting caught up in editing. The program and camera I use have done well for my so far but I don’t like how much time goes by because I keep putting the work off due to crashes and dealing with garbage audio quality, that and the editing work adds ridiculously to the file sizes. In the meantime, I will try my hand at silly thumbnails.

What I want to aim for are:

  1. Periodic toy videos
  2. Bring the crocodiles, alligators, and weird art back up to a bi-weekly schedule
  3. Crank out a movie feature at least once a week
  4. Experiment with adding some sort of game review system
  5. Dig up more dumb life stories
  6. Publish the occasional short story
  7. Get back to doing Daily Prompts because I liked those
  8. Book reviews for the zanier novels I consume.
  9. See about getting some mini-Movigos stuff on the table

All of that won’t get me back up to “daily” but it should be fairly close. Now, back to working on that movie!

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