Music Monday: Squatchin’ + Matching with Alex


This is short, simple, and awesome. A song performed by the Groovie Ghoulies that’s all about being best friends with Bigfoot and roaming around in the woods. I’m unsure of when and how I first found this song but I immediately knew that it was a) for me and b) the best thing ever. I don’t how every listen and watch manages to feel exactly like the first time but I never get bored with it. :p

And just look at the Single cover!


Music Matching with Alex!

Weekly challenge: find or share a song that you know that either has a matching title, theme, or other details. The more matches, the better! Make them clear, make them oddly specific, or make them obscure, it’s yours! Musicians welcome! To enter, simply either leave a link to your match as a comment with a few words (More words, if you like.) or add a Pingback to your post and I’ll scuttle over to see what you’ve come up with. 😀

Now get a’runnin’!

All the lyrics I find seem auto-generated (See: incorrect.) and some words aren’t easy to make out but I’ll do my best. “” denotes what I hear and (?) denoted what I think is being said after many replays.

It was a beautiful day
I was feeling okay
With my best friend by my side
About 7 feet tall
A big furry snowball
With a big shag carpet hide

We run around “all the (witchy/wichie?)” small towns
Where the folks are unaware
We stay out of sight and traveling night
Most times we don’t have a care

Running with Bigfoot
Running with Bigfoot
Running with Bigfoot, yeah(x2)

When I get tired he picks me up
And gives me a piggy-back ride
When we get home I thank him by
Making a Peanut Butter sandwich, fried

We spend time
We have fun, do a lot of things
And all the forest creatures hide
When my pal Bigfoot sings

Running with Bigfoot
Running with Bigfoot
Running with Bigfoot, yeah(x4)

One time we were in a meadow
When a hunter fired a shot
My pal Bigfoot offed the guy
Before we could call the cops

Then we ran
Side by side down to Mexico
It’s pretty funny
Living there with Bigfoot ya know

Running with Bigfoot
Running with Bigfoot
Running with Bigfoot, yeah(x2)
Alright! Alright!

Running with Bigfoot, yeah(x4)

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