Busy week ahead!

The Basic Shit

My parents and Safta, that’s “grandmother” on my Dad’s side, are coming out this week to visit and see the sights around town. My brother and I have been keeping the apartment in as near-to the clean condition it was in last week when we mistakenly believed that the visit was going to be then.The forecast currently calls for rain and thunder all week because of course and I’m hoping it changes at some point.

In-between the family stuff I’m shoving myself to get more work out besides the music, which is too easy, and a movie once in a blue moon. My stats have pretty much entered a flat plain which only bothers me from a production standpoint. People are interest, sure, but I’m not taking enough initiative in what’s supposed to be a fun hobby like it was when I first started almost a year ago. That’s mostly up to being in a new place and not knowing anyone. I definitely need to get outside and hang around my favorite places more often and not sweat the anxiety of, “What if I say or do something stupid?”, because that’s everybody.

The Weird Shit

I watched a movie this past week called Antibirth. Goddamn, reader, I have seen some weird movies but this movie is fucking weird. I’m going after it while it’s fresh but I haven’t forgotten about Robo Vampire or totally-not-checking-my-Search-bar-because-I-forgot Fantasy Quest. The latter I just have to brush up on and the former I have to actually try to boil down.

I have more questionable goodies from China via SirToys, questionable because one is made out of something that may or may not be cohesive plastic and the other is of stunningly good quality yet constantly evades my attempts to properly identify what it actually is; My brother’s best friend can’t even tell what this thing is from and not only does he speak Chinese, his wife is from China. “Hop Hop Bunny Croc” will simply not do for a title because “Hop Hop Bunny” is not a thing. “Hop Hop *Something*” is but the company website is in Chinese and everything related to this particular series is only a large mosaic and not an actual link that I can click! Madness!

Then there are the building sets and that Giant Combining Robot that I have yet to even fully outline. Maybe I’ll start off easy and work on the bunch of little space ships that rebuild into a big ship with a display stand. There’s also Omega Prime to deal with and a bunch of other things that I forgot about because they were in a box but now they’re on a shelf so I know they exist again.

The Word

My chum Peter has recently concluded some rough business and biking and at the moment he has a roof over his head, family, food, and a place to sleep. His internet isn’t too good out in the mountains though so he needs to go into town for better reception at the cafe. I wanted to do my part to get the word out that you and I can help support him and his blog in these patchy times with a good cuppa or even a shirt to show off whichever arm muscle is your personal favorite. I got a shirt, it just ended up in that damn Blog Box until recently.

Oh, and I had a choice of good frames but went with the one where my face looked goofy. As to the chin and hair, there’s not a thing on this Earth that you can do with an iPhone that will make that not look terrible if you either have a “distinguished” hairline or haven’t shaved for a few days. Also, why is the frame so LARGE?

Anywho, that’s the news. Off to other things.

One thought on “Busy week ahead!

  1. love you..get outside. Yesterday I pulled one of those little wicker chairs outside and leaned it back on the door..munched on a fried chicken leg Laci made fried chicken!!! and I just hung out there while everybody on a Sunday evening wafted by buenos noches..hand shakes, sometimes poetry!! it was therapy..wonderful

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