Update & A Round of “My Bad”

The big family visit I was expecting today is for next week, so I opted out of the trip to New Jersey for nothing. There’s nothing I can do about it so I’ve been watching bad movies, eating chili dogs, finally passed a movie entry through my ear, and have been planning out some changes for future video content. I’ll be trying out a few without title cards and music or editing of any kind. this is due to the fact that free editing software is still obnoxious and I apparently do my best work when I’m mad and you can hear it.

Music Matching: music matching, just to let everyone know, needn’t be done on the Monday, it can be done any time during that week.

Croco/Gators: seriously, when was the last time I did one of those?

Weird Art: I’ve done exactly one feature. I need to step up on that.

On the plus side I’ve remembered more embarrassing and/or stupid experiences.

The Sorry Sauce

I’ve been very slow lately in checking out any of my fellow bloggers’ stuff. A good deal of you manage daily posts which blows my mind. I work at a much slower pace whether I like it or not and so my attention settles into the same rhythm. Several weeks could go by before I realize how far behind I’ve fallen and then I go on a bingeing spree trying to make up for lost time.

That seems like my pursuit in life lately: making up for lost time. Clouds the mood a little, and it doesn’t help that until today I haven’t even been able to access a few of your pages because WordPress “couldn’t find them”. It’s here! I’m clicking on it! That seems to be fixed now so if I go on a reading spree and barf all over your comments, know that I only did so because I love you all. That and I’m most likely bored as I have the place to myself until tomorrow, but also love.

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