Dairy call it a short story

Colby was a medium-sized wheel of Longhorn cheese. He spent his weekdays working for Wood-Smoked Carpentry since he was able to act as a wedge. One particular Wednesday he had to call in sick to work; It felt like he might be coming down with the flu.

Upon arriving at Slice Medical Center, Colby realized he’d left his insurance curd on the kitchen table and had to run back and get it. When he got in to see Dr. Limburger, he told him how he was feeling and did his best to answer the doctor’s questions since Colby had a little trouble understanding him through his heavy accent.

Colby left with a prescription, which he filled at a Whey More pharmacy, and was advised to try some hot wax baths. Colby soaked in the tub for a bit, then took one of the pills with a glass of milk, curled up in his cracker, and slept.

After a week or so of this he was a cured cheese and returned to work fit as a fiddle, which was good because a large order for scaffolding had just come in from Gruyere Caving Adventures in time for the next tourist season.

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