Shine on, you crazy diamonds

Today I woke up to this.


Mel, you are a warm hug on a cold day. It makes me glad to know that this train wreck I conduct brings entertainment and humor to people’s day. The little band of friends I’ve made here since starting in October are the highlight of my own days and I always look forward to our movie meet-ups.

Go check out Mel, she’s a writer with a musical muse.

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Now I have some questions from Mel to answer.

1. Naked or not or both (think carefully)?

Both. I’m always naked under my clothes. You all are, it isn’t weird. Now it is. ಠ⌣ಠ

2. Spaghetti or Fettuccine and why?

Fettuccine. It’s a great noodle for retaining sauce and the flat sides grab hold of delicious sauce chunks.

3. What sauce would you use up there for question 2 and why?

My own meat sauce. Simmered till the meat falls apart into perfect little bits, just the right amount of chopped Portobello mushrooms, and a time-perfected blend of garlic, onion, oregano, and parsley for color. The whole house smells wonderful.

4. Harley Davidson or Vespa? Explain.

Vespa, because this:

TEAL. [source]
A thing of classic beauty.

5. Leather or lace with that drink?

I picked up a shawl in a shop on vacation because it was teal and had little birds on it, which fits with my history of owning annoying little birds. I don’t know why men aren’t “supposed” to wear shawls because I look awesome in it so I wear it. Anyway, that would be fun to kick back in. It’s not lace but it is fabric, so “Lace”?

6. Where would you do it?

In the moonlight, on a billowing canopy bed in a wooden hut on the beach as the smell of the ocean breeze embraces the senses.

7. With whom would you do where you would do what you do, did, done did from question 6?

She’s definitely an actress but I wouldn’t want the tabloid gossip harassing her so I won’t name names 😉

8. What drink would you have with the Leather or Lace from question 5?

Rumchata with a splash of Fireball.

9. How would you disguise yourself if you had to sneak in to your employer’s office in order to retrieve important incriminating documents?

I’d go in as a Gorilla-Gram and throw stuff all over the room while dancing and delivering the telegram. That way I’d have a reason to hunt for stuff while not appearing obvious about it at the same time.

10. What did she say exactly? You know… after you did what you did when you did that thing you did while you were doing it. (*wink*)

“You’re such a slow tease. I like that.”

11. How was that thing anyway?

Slow and intimate. There’s no need to rush.

12.  I know I am, but what are YOU doing the rest of your life?

The best that I can.

Oh my, saucy.


Peter, ya pun prat!

Antonio, for the love of City Life.

Ward, what even, man?

Dylan, sharing the world!

Amberley, fuck yeah!

Tony & Tetiana, bolts-for-brains 😀

These are my challenges to your brain:

#1. If you were required to include one whole cheese in your daily diet every day, what kind would you choose?

#2. You’ve developed the worst mutant ability during your teen years. What is it?

#3. Do you use Question 2 for good or for evil?

#4. What do you call yourself from Question 2 & 3.

#5. You got drunk last night a ran a Troll doll through the blender. What color is the hair stuck in the blades?

#6. Where is your Evil/Mad/Eccentric Genius laboratory located?

#7. What is your master plan with Question 5?

#8. You have reached the end of an epic quest and now face the Dark Lord. He or she offers you one chance to turn on your mission and join them, to which you agree. What did you ask for in return?

#9. Explore the depths of the ocean or the vastness of space? Breathing and speed are not limitations for you.

#10. You’ve been elected as humanity’s ambassador in response to First Contact with an alien race. How do you go about entertaining their representatives?

#11. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever witnessed in public?

Stay Weird!

10 thoughts on “Shine on, you crazy diamonds

  1. I’m in love with this! You’re so awesome! Keep going! You’re a rising star!!! I would definitely gaze up at you! 😎

    Thank you so much for your kind words of friendship. I’ma treasure them. 😍😘🙌 💕👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey that recipe for the sauce! Sounds so yummy!

    Vespa! Very cool! I hope you get to ride one in Italy one day! You will love it. 😀

    I had to come back and read all your answers again! I loved all of them! 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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