Movigos: Evolved


The Mutations

Entertainment days for the Movigos will now be on a once-a-month basis in order for us to coordinate our schedules so that we can all participate. We came to a decision on mid-month movies with this upcoming Movigo Day being the third Saturday of June.

There is currently discussion on creating a Movigos Discord channel to allow for easier chatting and riffing for those who find Twitter hard to keep up with. This is a working idea, further details will be provided.

The Main Attraction

Join the Movigos for an afternoon of made-for-television B-horror based on real-life news-driven bee horror!

The Show

Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare!


Saturday, June 23rd
5:00pm EST/4:00pm CST/9:00pm GMT: Deadly Invasion
Pre/After-show(?): Chat with the Movigos
Find your timezone and watch with us!

Sync up with us at Online Clock, for when you need to know when everyone else is late!


Alex – @SynBoomstick
Amberley – @IamAmberley
Chris – @chriswood01
Elijah – @ElijahR_S
Eric – @ericshayhoward
Layne – @Chew_On_Glass (Flick-Picker)
Mel – @GutierFiction
Peter – @TheLittleFears
Ward – @cleverward1

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