Creating a better work environment

Over the past few months people have been clearing a lot of weird stuff out of their sheds and storage. They know that I run a blog about weird stuff, so I end up with a lot of it. Much of this stuff, both weird and cool, is rather large. My current filming and work space is not large.

To fix this issue I’m on the lookout of old used desks and desk chairs that won’t kill make back and looking into reliable backdrops so you aren’t always seeing the clutter of my new apartment. It would be really funny if that was all part of the blog in that I didn’t give a damn but I really do, or at least I really try. Luckily I live in the eye of several major antique places and have a Staples in town that I somehow missed for the last seven month despite going to the shopping center it’s located in for groceries all the time.

I still want to do a few small things in the meantime so those are likely to be the same quality as everything else but I want to get to all the big stuff as soon as I can. Here’s luck in my eye.

10 thoughts on “Creating a better work environment

    1. Gonna need it. The desk’s got to be either boxed for assembly and fairly light so we can get it up the stairs without wrecking our backs more or, if it’s solid, a cheap piece of crap for the same reasons. Hell, an easily replaced particle board shit-stack will work.

      But I’ve got thumbs, a hammer, and like twenty alan wrenches so tools are covered.


      1. Bahahahahaha IKEA? Light and cheap… maybe get it delivered so you don’t have to carry it yourself… or just start filming on the floor… lol
        Just look after your back. That’s the most important.

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