Room to expand

Why do brownies have to be so chewy and wonderfully chocolatey. Why must they be chock full of crunchy walnuts?

No, I’m not actually talking about myself. It’s blog business. :p

I’ve been focused mainly on weird stuff since starting this blog and from the first days to pretty recently that’s worked out perfectly fine. The thing about weird stuff is, it’s not always easy to find, I don’t always have it on hand, and it isn’t always happening outside. That’s the thing about weird stuff: if it happened all the time it’d be normal, and while plenty of people can pull off a completely normal blog, I’m not currently at a point in life where I count myself among them.

So because weird and lame things aren’t everyday finds, I’ve had a serious slowdown on blog material. But while weird doesn’t happen everyday, interesting, funny, and unexpected do. I learned this just this past week by relating the “River: 2/Me: 0” story. It wasn’t weird, except maybe at the very end, but it always seemed to be a hit so I figured, “Why not?” The response was encouraging and, hell, that was super-easy to write because how do you ever forget life events like that? Well, sitting in my favorite coffee/soda bar helped keep me writing and not flitting off to something else like shooting zombies or playing Guild Dungeons II (Gotcha now, bizatch!) on my computer.

So shit, if sharing personal Then I Fucked Up moments is something folks like I’ve got a load of those. Hell, I have a brother, I’ll never run out of them!

I mentioned “unexpected” in the previous paragraph. “Unexpected” this week took the form of me suddenly coming into command of this behemoth:


That’s a near-complete 2001 Transformers R.I.D. Omega Prime. Between the Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus figures that make up this beast the only things missing are Prime’s little laser gun and the missiles that fire from his firetruck ladder in Base Mode. Those parts are both replaceable and completely unnecessary for the combined giant fuck-off robot and cannon so I pretty much don’t care. This thing’s nearly seventeen years old and it works and feels like new. The shoulders feel a bit looser since I started manipulating the thing but it’s heavy and solid, and the plastic is tough so I can get right in and yank things apart and get them snapped together.

And OP there is just the prize hog of things I’ve come into the care of or finally hauled up to the apartment. I’ve got more Lame things, more Cool things, tons of movies to go through, the whole Croc/Gator collection, short story ideas that I want to try, years worth of tales about my own stupid self, local places that are awesome, and the Movigos crowd to plan stuff out with. So I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. I’ll even write for the hell of it if my brain’s a blank at the moment.


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