Movigos B: Executions in the Deep Dark

(Late due to allergies pill making me tired and being a butt-head in general.)
A nice placeholder while I work on the real one!


In the shuffle between going over to New Jersey for Mother’s Day, carting more of our stuff back home in the van (Our parents gave Glen the family van to replace his aging car because car insurance in that state is beastly.), getting doctor appointments in, and catching up with Movigos from two weeks back my mind is fuzzy on who picked these out. Based on vague recollection of Tweets and turnout from the previous Saturday I’m going to venture that it was Layne. This was the usual episode/narration formula that has served us so well.

For news on future Movigo scheduling, see Peter’s Update post over on Little Fears.

The Features

The Executions of Grady Finch” [Twilight Zone] (2002)
Director: John Peter Kousakis
Writers: Rod Serling, Ira Steven Behr, Brent V. Friedman & Frederick Rappaport
FeaturingJeremy Sisto, Alicia Witt, Terry Chen & Stephen E. Miller
Production: New Line Television/Spirit Dance Entertainment
Major Threats the death penalty, vengeful family members, smugness, karma

Having just survived a botched attempt of execution by lethal injection and now huddled in his cell, it’s safe to say that Grady Finch is having a bad day. His attorney Liz believes that he can get another year to plead his innocence, something Grady has stuck to for his whole stint since a) he wasn’t found at the crime scene, a convenience store, and b) the witness placing him there was a drug addict, citing “cruel and unusual punishment” since putting him back on the table again would be just that. But the warden says the Governor doesn’t want to wait, they’re trying again.

Grady is understandably unable to handle the news and passes out upon seeing the injection machine being set up, but not before he hears a woman’s voice softly whisper, “Not yet.”. When he comes to, alarms are going off and the warden is calling for an evacuation of the building due to an electrical fire. Grady’s story gets out to the press and the public, who rally to his side with “Save Grady Finch!”. Grady goes on to tell Liz about the voice he heard, asking what it means, why him? Liz doesn’t think it matters because he has a date with the electric chair tomorrow.

Grady seems rather nonchalant about being all strapped in and ready to be turned into a crispy critter:

Warden: “As you know, you’re allowed a final statement.”
Grady: “Let’s get on with it.”

But once again, as the witnesses look on and the switch is thrown, the same voice whispers in Grady’s mind: “Not yet.” The electric chair proceeds to make a grand spectacle as it malfunctions, sending sparks and electricity everywhere else but into Grady. Having now survived three attempts at execution, Grady’s story explodes in the public eye; Grady himself has taken on a more smug demeanor as well because, as he tells Liz, he’s got a guardian angel. He saw her this time.

Personally this would spook me out a bit.

Liz advises Grady against saying a word of this at he scheduled press event, which he of course throws around without the slightest concern as to how it might make him sound or look. Guardian angel, right? If he was guilty, why does it keep saving his life? Why, indeed…

The Deep Dark
Written by: L. A. Vockins
Narrated by: L. A. Vockins
Major Threats: the deep dark itself, bandits, the undead, greed

A new narrator that has appeared on the group’s radar, this short tale has, for me, that particular flavor of danger that comes with a well-presented D&D dungeon run.


EoGF:”I would rate higher the payoff was better. Needs moar [sound effect].” Rating: 5/10
Deep Dark: “Made me a li’l nostalgic for a yoof playing D&D.” Rating: 7/10

EoGF: “The first one needed a little more. Sound effects are cheap, cheaper than that final song.” Rating: 4/10
Deep Dark: “Could have been longer. On the plus side, great sound effects.” Rating: 9/10

EoGF: Rating: 6/10
Deep Dark: Rating: 8/10

EoGF: “Middle-of-the-road for Twilight Zone but entertaining.” Rating: 5/10
Deep Dark: “Good use of visual storytelling and music.” Rating: 8/10

Average Collaborative Ratings: 5/10 & 8/10 (Easy Start, Mondo Boss Fight)

2 thoughts on “Movigos B: Executions in the Deep Dark

  1. This is awesome! Great job. Thank you so much for choosing to feature my story and narration. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it! I was planning on it being a series, but unfortunatly never got around to it. That may change now that I have seen further interest in the story. Thanks again. Keep up the great work. 🙂

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