Music Monday: Mind Trips +Music Matching with Alex


I walked to my chiropractor’s office today for a trigger point massage (If you can find a place that offers both, it saves being all over town.) and then went to lie down for a bit in the afternoon, which turned into fall asleep for a few hours because when your muscles are loosened that much it just knocks you out. I’m still tired but I can’t forget this schedule.

“A New Way to Say Hooray” is about being on DMT. Since I have strange dreams if I sleep in the daytime I thought it was appropriate, plus it just sounds awesome.

Music Matching with Alex!

Weekly challenge: find or share a song that you know that either has a matching title, theme, or other details. The more matches, the better! Make them clear, make them oddly specific, or make them obscure, it’s yours! Musicians welcome! To enter, simply either leave a link to your match as a comment with a few words (More words, if you like.) or add a Pingback to your post and I’ll scuttle over to see what you’ve come up with. 😀

So, you take, let us assume, a third toke; long and slow. You vaporize, and you take it in, and in, and in… And there is a sound, like the crumpling of a plastic bread wrapper, or the crackling of the flames. And a tone… A tone. And…

And there is this…

There is a cheer; the gnomes have learned a new way to say ‘hooray’.

The walls, if such they be, are crawling with geometric hallucinations.

The walls, if such they be, are crawling with geometric hallucinations. Very brightly colored, very iridescent. Deep sheen and very highly reflective surfaces. Everything is machine-like and polished and throbbing with energy. But that is not what immediately arrests my attention. What arrests my attention is the fact, that this space is inhabited.

And so, like jeweled self-dribbling basketballs, these things come running forward, and what they are doing with this visible language that they create is they are making gifts! They are making gifts for you and they will say…

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