Movigos A: Terrors of the Deep

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I’m a little behind on these entries so I’ll be putting them up back-to-back because there no good reason for me not to do so. [cover image source]


The end of April saw the first time since V for Vendetta that Movigos has been a trio of Peter, Layne, and myself. It was just as well though because we’d be breaking in the DSV Salty Potato, the first Movigo-class deep submersion vehicle with enough technical terminology to reach the depths required for oceanic horror. After everyone had a pee and checking each of our interior stations, we started our descent into the story.

The Feature

“The Deepest Part of the Ocean is Not Empty” Part 1 & Part 2
Written by: TheJesseClark
Narration byNaturesTemper
Major Threats crushing pressure, total darkness, gargantuan sea bois

The Tuscany: a vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and built to withstand the most powerful pressures the ocean has to offer. This is the submarine that will carry Booker down into the inky depths deep below the ocean’s surface. His only link to the surface is Reuben, his partner monitoring the descent aboard their research vessel. Hour by hour, Booker and the Tuscany drop mile after mile into the pitch darkness of the sea, having only its strange inhabitants as the occasional company.

At thirty-six thousand feet the Tuscany reaches the depth of the famed Challenger Deep, but Booker’s trip isn’t over yet. The ultimate goal of this expedition is to a pit located at the bottom of a recently discovered underwater canyon at a mind-boggling fifty-thousand feet beneath the surface, the Higgin’s Maw. It is this vast pit, Higgin’s Deep, that the Tuscany descends further into in the name of scientific discovery. At first Booker is spellbound by the sheer scope of the tunnels and caverns as well as the exotic and immense organisms that dwell within, but this wouldn’t be a horror story if he didn’t eventually come across something that he and the Tuscany may not be able to handle.

The Agincourt, an Eisenhower-class Navy stealth sub, has been launched from the USS District of Columbia to act as both scout and bait for the thing the Tuscany stirred deep within Higgin’s Maw months ago. Latner and Lovell are make contact with the beast and lure it back towards the DoC so that the vessel can bring the full power of its armaments to bear. The hope is that this should be enough to take the thing out, with the U.S.S. Dixon ready to provide additional firepower in the event that the creature is tougher than it looks. The Navy is in for one hell of an engagement.


Part 1

Narration, sound effects, and the end poem were major highlights.. sound effects even scared my daughter.” Rating: 7/10

Sound effects were clearly recordings of me at 5 am alarms. But totally appropriate use for a 3 mile long leviathan under the sea.” Rating: 7/10

The deep ocean is one of my greatest interests, any horror story set there instantly gets major points. Add to that the desperate narration style and monstrous effects work, plus my vivid imagination, and it gets a top score.” Rating: 10/10

Collaboration Average Rating: 8/10 (Creep in the deep)

Part 2

Good tale, also preferred part one. The first story had a more unknown horror feel to it. Sequels involving the military are rarely as good as the original lonely horror. That said, I still enjoyed it.” Rating: 7/10

Here too.. still a great story as a whole.” Rating: 7/10

I have to go ditto as well, it didn’t have the same raw impact as the first half.” Rating: 7/10

Collaborative Average Rating: 7/10 (Triple-Seven Combo)

The Deepest Part of the Ocean is not Empty, Part Two, marks the first time that all present Movigos have handed down the exact same rating, bit of trivia for you there.

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