What to do…

I just recently finished Lame Toys 19 wherein I cover the shark robot that’s probably appeared here in bits and pieces. I am now hesitant to publish it because, while the resulting video is entertaining in its own right, it is way off the mark from what I originally wanted.

Over the past two weeks I haven’t had a single quiet moment to record until today. I have to make enchiladas for Glen to bring into work on Cinco de Mayo because mine are supposedly the best even though they’re technically only 50% “mine”. Not bothering with details, that’s been stressful but I still had plenty of quiet time this afternoon to record. The problems were a) that I kept bungling up my words which is something that I thought I’d gotten over by just pressing “record” and saying whatever came to me and b) this toy is simply fucking atrocious and would either get stuck or threaten to break if I proceeded with transforming it, causing me to have to start over at least four times.

Throw in the other random ways that I felt disappointed in myself today and the finished product was an angry, grunt-filled fit of swearing at an inanimate object. I mean seriously, who are these toys meant for? Surely not kids, their rooms would be filled with bits of broken plastic! So I have a complete video of me raging on this toy to some seriously threatening Jaws-type music and that’s fairly entertaining at my expense, but my original vision was more light-hearted, covering the weird slogans covering the box, the Engrish-filled instructions, and the goofy robot mode.

I don’t have the juice now for both a re-recording and getting all those enchiladas and sauce cooked up. So what do I do here? Do I post Lame Toys: The Angering as some bizarre “Type 1” and record what I was trying to aim for later and put that up as the “Official” video? I’m stuck on this and (Weird) Watching and haven’t put up anything substantial in a while and it’s bothering me.

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