Music Monday: Deep-Time Tripping + Music Matching with Alex


Back during the very early days of YouTube I had collected a vast folder of links to some truly strange stuff: short films, music videos, bits of random oddness that had found its way into digital format. That folder is a source of some great memories for me which is pretty ironic since I can’t remember somewhere around ninety-seven percent of its contents. Titles in other languages, subject matter that would defeat the best modern search engines, videos long deleted, I’ve been unable to track them down again ever since. Ever since what? Ever since my PC was unintentionally rendered disabled by a family member and it just stopped registering the very existence of the monitor.

Indeed, I would not see the obvious benefit of creating an account to store Channels and Favorites until such a time as I had actual travel videos of my own to share with family while outside the country. In fact, even after I had a channel I still kept foldering or recording the Channel names long before I started hitting buttons. I am a web crawler in the literal sense.

I’m sure that information is still there on the PC but it’s been such a long time that I’m doubtful of retrieving much, if any, of it. The good news is that memories and relics survived on to today. One of these is “One Second Before the Big Bang” by Wim Daans. I was happy to find that it’s now available in HD as well so I highly recommend full-screen on this one and some headphones.

There is no lyrical transcript that I could find so I’ve made one for you. There are still places where I couldn’t tell what word was being used due to added effects. These will be translated to the best of my ability inside of “[ ]” or labeled as “indistinct”. Electronica isn’t the easiest genre to do this with.

Music Matching with Alex!

Weekly challenge: find or share a song that you know that either has a matching title, theme, or other details. The more matches, the better! Make them clear, make them oddly specific, or make them obscure, it’s yours! Musicians welcome! To enter, simply either leave a link to your match as a comment with a few words (More words, if you like.) or add a Pingback to your post and I’ll scuttle over to see what you’ve come up with. 😀

Now travel…

Once upon no time
emptiness was dreaming
and the great Cosmic Egg
started pulsing and streaming

There was this desire to create and feel love
to enjoy beauty, and have an abode

At this moment time was born
and the seeds were spread
the four elements
and the laws of life and death

It was the cradle of eternal, expanding space
while the spirits were dancing and singing,
“Amazing Grace”

(echoing ethereal voices)

Heat and gases became planets
and fire became Sun
all the conditions were there
the game had just begun

The rhythm made cycles
and the laws of gravity
the faces of the Moon, tides
and synchronicity

Travel to any part of the universe without moving x2

The engineers of (indistinct)
designed (indistinct)
and made amazing drawings
of he and she

Travel to any part of the universe without moving x2

At first they craft
chemical structures and DNA
they threw in the notion
to reproduce and play

Travel to any part of the universe without moving x2

Without moving

[Thus] good is bad
as high is low
and dark is light
so everything that is beautiful
can shine more bright

Flying like an angel
to the sun, to my love
eternally, eternally

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