Music Monday: Let Shpongle Alter Your Perceptions


Shpongle. If there’s a more wonderfully nonsensical word to encapsulate an entire musical group I have yet to discover it. I discovered this mind-bending band sometime back in, if I had to guess, ’06 or ’07 while watching a strange little animated short on YouTube. The accompanying music was unlike anything my Classic Rock/90’s Pop addled brain had ever heard, mixing so many different styles and instruments together into something that sounded so natural. The added fact that the song wasn’t the original score for the video yet kept in perfect sync with it was even more hypnotic. I checked the information: “Shpongle”.


I had to know more, so I searched the web and a MySpace that was in its prime. I found more music, each song just as teasing to the senses as the last. I found live performances that resembled grand festivals of the Federation of Planets. I consumed albums, immersed my subconscious in dreams of traveling to other planes of time and space. I was hooked.

Canto, meu amor
Tu és fixe
És muito bom

8 thoughts on “Music Monday: Let Shpongle Alter Your Perceptions

      1. I’m going to go ahead and let you know about Buddha Bar. It’s a restaurant in Paris that releases a compilation album every year of very, very mellow and cool tracks similar to this Shpongle.

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