Spring Cleaning

This week hasn’t been the best apartment-wise. We’ve got an ant infestation, I’ve been trying to get information of voter registration in PA that had to be put on hold for a bunch of reasons, and I forgot that I was hosting Movigos this week. Like, today, it would have been today. I’m constantly draining the wireless vacuum dealing with these ant while my ticket goes through and the spikes and dips in temperature have both me and Glen off-balance. I tend to get sinus infections when these happen so I’m keeping an eye on the muscle weakness. If I could get into a pool or a lake and swim, now that would help a lot.

So I’ve slowed down some more. All drafts (I currently have nine) other than the latest “Watching” one are suspended until I finish it, and I’ll be going through old posts and cleaning up my growing number of categories to streamline the blog so I at least have that off my mind.

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