Music Monday: Riding the Rails with Blackfoot


Like always I’ve come careening around the corner on half a unicycle with an armful of stuff that should have been a science project at 8:55 in the morning. I’ve never been one to have much interest in the trend of stealing memes from people. Having said that, I was introduced to this one by Mel so I stole it. Originated by The Tattooed Book Geek, the idea behind Music Monday is too simple a schedule for me to botch in that professional way that I tend to botch schedules.

I’ll start things off with the song that introduced me to the band Blackfoot and that sweet, sweet harmonica. I could listen to this song all day, it’s got just the right amount of everything that I want in Southern Rock (Rickey Medlocke always said that he wanted Blackfoot to be seen as “a rock band” and not just “southern rock” but the sound is too sweet to my ears and heart.) and I can get my fill of guitar and the pipes. I have never been able to figure out the harmonica and my guitar skills are currently at the “put it out of its misery” level. :p

4 thoughts on “Music Monday: Riding the Rails with Blackfoot

  1. By the way. This track was awesome! Love the intro😍! Then *air guitars in her pjs* yes!!!!

    *Mouths lyrics*

    “Well, leavin’ here, I’m just a raggedy hobo

    Lord, I’m leaving here, I’m just a raggedy hobo

    Well, that woman I’m in love with, Lord, she’s got to go”

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