The past several days have been creatively slow due in part to preparing for Passover, getting some eggs together to hide for my nephew (It doesn’t matter when he eventually visits, I’ll hide eggs all damn year if I wish!), and being knocked out rather heavily by my sleep aid. I don’t know exactly why some days it’s easy to climb back up while on others I’m just stuck in the well.

This marks the first Passover that I won’t be able to spend Seder with family, a fact which has me pretty down. The brisket, the special stuffing, fixings, Glen and I will have to do it all ourselves. It won’t be as traditional but I’ll do what I can. Once I get stocking up taken care of, I will find out how dreadful Fantasy Quest really is, talk a bit more about B-Movie TV, continue working on a tribute to a certain weird fiction series, and get a look-see on iSpy and its modes started. If I can afford real editing software this month, I’m getting it.

Until then. 🙂

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