Movigos: Sight-Themed

The Collaboration

Last Saturday Layne stepped up to the plate with a double-feature of a classic Twilight Zone episode re-shoot and a short film about a twisted thing that hunts those who can’t let go. I’ll say up front that I thought the TZ episode remake was bad. There seems to be a running curse that I never enjoy the newer editions of the show, the “Nightcrawlers” episode being the exception. Still, I’ll try to be nice as we get into it.

The Features

“Eye of the Beholder”, Twilight Zone (2003)
Director: David Ellis
Writer: Rod “M-F” Serling
Featuring Molly Sims, Reginald C. Hayes & Roger Cross
Production: New Line Television/Spirit Dance Entertainment
Major Threats: Authoritarianism, medical malpractice, being different

Society as we know it has fallen into the iron grip of an authoritarian government, a grip so tight that to even deviate from the dictated appearance of normal can get you into trouble at best and purged at worst. This is where we come into the story of one Janet Tyler, a woman born horribly deformed. So great is her fear and desire to be normal that she’s undergone eleven previous surgeries in a desperate but seemingly hopeless attempt to be like everyone else. And you thought Middle School was harsh. This is now her twelfth surgery and if the surgeons’ work doesn’t take this time, there isn’t much hope for Janet because there simply isn’t anything more that can be done.

I’ve had EEG’s before and I couldn’t handle the scalp itch after two days. This has to be hell.

Janet has been healing for some time and all she can think about is being able to see the sun and sky again, to be among people, and, “When will they take the bandages off?” Those of you who’ve had surgery or been in a cast will know the terrible itch but for Janet the concern goes far beyond that. All of her hopes, as well as her place in society, are resting on the success of this procedure.

Finally comes the day that the bandages are to be removed. The anticipation in the room is palpable as the nurses and doctor come to attend to Janet. Slowly, the layers of bandages come off and with each one, Janet is able to perceive more and more light. Soon she can see the doctor’s silhouette, until finally all that stands between her and the world is the face-plate protecting her new face. Slowly, the doctor removes the plate…

Look-See (2017)
Director: Landon Stahmer
Writer: Landon Stahmer
Featuring Jasmine Reid, Tommy Dively, Farheem Williams, Sean Brison, Belinda Gosbe, Gwen Carloe & Jeremiah Hahn
Producer: Amanda Pfleiger
Major Threats: The “Look-See”, holding onto past traumas

Read it. Heed it.

If it takes someone from you, you have one chance to move on. Ignore the warning and it comes for you to take that now missing piece of your life in a literal and messy sense. It could come for anyone, at any time. Maybe for you.


If you’re into gore and the strange with a Laggase-sized dash of oddly dashing fashion sense, give Look-See a watch over at CryptTV.


“Patchy” Peter
EotB: “Not the direction I remember and too sledgehammered” Rating: 3/10
“No-Eyed-Creepy-Mofo”: “No rating cause it was shorts cut together, but fecking loved it! Brilliant choice!”

“Leering” Layne
EotB: “First one was classic for me.” Rating: 5/10
Look-See: “Pretty great for a low-budget.. creepy as..” Rating: 8/10

“Acuity” Amberley
EotB: “Felt it was too predictable.” Rating: 5/10
Look-See: “I would give the Look-See a nine but it actually made me jump.” Rating: 9.35/10

“Eye-Eye” Eric
EotB: “Nice movies this week, Eye of the Beholder gets a 4/10 because I totes knew what was gonna happen and I totes haven’t watched the older ones but points for “it’s about the journey not the ending” rule. The other one was freaky and I forgot numbers.

“Stink-Eye” Alex
EotB: “They made it about as basic as they could because hey, you already know the story!” Rating: 2/10
Look-See: *incoherent babble* “What the fuck is going on, GAH!” Rating: 10/10

Collaborative Average Ratings: 3.8/10 & 9.12/10 (Doesn’t the B-Roll come after?)

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