Late-Night Jammin’

The Snow

If you find yourself in the northeast of the U.S. there’s a good chance that it’s been snowing quite heavily for the past two days. I’m dealing with about a foot of snow and I expect that the further up-coast you go, the deeper the dealings.

When I woke up this morning (That would officially be yesterday as of an hour and thirty minutes ago. That time may change if you’re reading this later, hell, it’s changing as I write this.) there were still large flakes driving across my window so I decided to sleep in. 10am rolls around and I roll back over and chase this awesome dream where I’m a dimensional wizard protecting people from this really rotten dude because I can’t go anywhere and the apartment currently requires no attention. Now it’s noon and the conditions outside have gotten worse: back to being a wizard.

At a bit after 2pm I finally get up and make myself about as presentable as somebody stuck in their apartment really needs to be. Glen may or may not have been up earlier than me but he’s on the PS2 when I come out. Out the living room windows I get a more complete picture of the conditions outside. Not only are they unchanged from earlier, the snow is now deeper and there aren’t any sidewalks. “Shit, for real?” I ask without much commitment. “Yup.”, replies Glen as Ratchet teases Clank about something or other.

After a hot breakfast I… I don’t remember what I did, I worked on or played something. Around a now shifted lunchtime we both put on a bunch of warm layers and make the short journey to 7-11 for some lunch and snacks. Driving is right out and this is about as far as we can go since it’s still snowing, if not as hard as an hour or two ago. I leave with a hot chocolate, turkey sub, Cheetos, and a sheet of jerky, as well as a soaked scarf and a hood that is turning into a sponge. Hats save heads, people. Returning triumphantly from our trek into the frozen wilds of Gettysburg, we feast and warm up with the cats. I’m happy to announce that Kitter has used her bed for the first time since we got it several months ago.

The fact that this has been Ghost’s bed for all that time has yet to reach a boiling point.


Coming off the racks are two movies, one that I bought from the bookshop at the library and the other that I found through the cinematic gem cache that is B-Movie TV, surely one of the biggest reasons for you to get a Roku device or TV. First, from the DVD rack comes a movie that looks so lazy that it appear to be named after an entire subset of the genre: Fantasy Quest.

That monster alone, how could anyone resist this!

Then, from the collection over on B-Movie TV we’ll be taking a look at Robo Vampire. What the hell is “Robo Vamp-


It’s a Chinese knockoff of RoboCop that has the cyborg battle hopping vampires. Fucking bring it!


All the Lego stuff I’ve been talking about can finally take off now that I have the custom “iSpy” robot mode for the Drone Explorer set backed up, Lego’s Digital Designer is a great tool even if you can’t order the designs that you create anymore. The program does have its limitations though as the two tricks I used to get iSpy into one piece don’t register in the system. The first I find annoying as it’s just sticking the round bit of a Technic part onto the brick stud, but I completely understand the second because sticking a Technic peg into a brick and jamming it in-between two plates to hold the head in place is in no way a “legitimate” way of putting parts together. :p

Drone Transformer_bot
You can still reference them, of course.

I also found that because the window forms its backpack, iSpy can pull off a very basic Vehicle Mode by folding in half and showing you its butt.

Drone Transformer_Vehicle_Mode
So it’s like a back-front?

I also found a complete set of images of those dragons that I keep kicking around so even though they’re still in New Jersey due to not being “important stuff”, I can at least show you what they look like until I can pick them up, poor shooting conditions aside. That’ll be a bit later though. That feel like about all the update that I have right now. I’m off to see if I can churn out the latest Movigos Saturday and I’ll be sure to get you all the information you’ll need for the next one.

Now what happens first: will I fall asleep, or go snow-mad?


6 thoughts on “Late-Night Jammin’

  1. Add ‘Vampire’ to any existing movie title to spruce it up. Terms of Vampire Endearment? Yes please! Harry Potter and the Chamber of Vampires? Oh yes! Octovampire? Right! Avengers: Age of Vampires? I’m in!

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