Movigos vs. Silhouettes!

The Collaboration

For this past Movigos get-together, Peter introduced the rest of us to the writing styles of Tale Foundry, a hub for weird fiction and narration. The story of the day was “Silhouettes” from their Junji Ito Series of horror fiction. Peter described it as “Japanese Lovecraft” and the Movigos were all, “YES.”, so on with the show!

The Tale

Miriam’s grandmother has been insisting that all the lights in the apartment stay on at all times. It seems like simple, if very annoying, paranoia. That is, until Miriam turns the lights out herself and discovers the truth behind her grandma’s strange obsession.

You’re likely to guess part of the horrific events that play out from the illustration that accompanies the story, but damn if it doesn’t serve to build up the anticipation! Rather than presenting a play-by-play of events like I normally would, I will instead be providing the stories themselves for you to listen to at your leisure. There’s emotion in this stuff that I just can’t to proper justice to.


We’ve got rating back up and nearly complete so that’s progress!

Peter: “I like the narration and the idea that the person we follow was a passenger in an unfolding horror rather than a protagonist. Also liked the peculiar deaths. Very different.” Rating: 9/10

Layne: “I enjoyed the story but the fact that I thought it would have cool art and didn’t brought it down for me.. I also wasn’t a fan of his voice.. seemed way to happy at times…” Rating: 6/10

Amberley: “It was pretty good. The narrator did well. The choice of picture I felt gave away way too much of the story. The story itself was good and relatively original. It was scary. But for me there was something lacking. I don’t know what… it didn’t create that feeling.” Rating: 7/10

Ward: “The guy wasn’t as scary as CreepyPasta.” Rating: 6/10

Alex: “It seemed to wander for me at first but the storytelling was emotive with a good illustration and air of surrounding horror.” Rating: 7/10

Collaborative Average Rating: 7/10 (Not the scariest fare but would eat there again)

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