Movigos Double-Feature!

This week Layne will be presenting us with two tales of the strange and macabre. One is a new take on an old classic tale from The Twilight Zone, the other a short horror film series from the folks at CryptTV!

The Show

“Eye of the Beholder”, The Twilight Zone
Look-See, presented by CryptTV


Saturday, March 17th
4pm EST/3pm CST/9pm GMT: “Eye of the Beholder”
4:20pm EST/3:20pm CST/9:20pm GMT: Intermission
4:30pm EST/3:30pm CST/9:30pm GMT: Look-See

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Alex – @SynBoomstick
Amberley – @IamAmberley
Elijah – @ElijahR_S
Eric – @ericshayhoward
Layne – @Chew_On_Glass (Hosting)
Mel – @GutierFiction
Peter – @TheLittleFears
Ward – @cleverward1

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