Weirdness from the Web

Daylight Savings Time left me tired and mentally reeling as it throws my whole system off in spite of how much sleep I need. I can’t focus worth a damn today until I sleep more so writing, filming, brainstorming, and outlining are right off the table. What do I do now? Guess I’ll dive into the internet and see what strange things are skittering around in the sand. Yes, that means I’m just going to be linking stuff and offering a comment or two. Everybody has their downtime.

Mathletes and Winterbeast

“Resistance Against Aggression” is an instrumental song performed by The Mathletes, a band that I’ve found a few more videos from but have been unable to nail down as any one band. The musical style is “Low Fi”, something that I had to plumb my brother’s music-savant brain for because trying to describe music turns out to be something I’m pretty bad at when I have to do it. While the song itself is mellow and certainly not “weird”, the accompanying music video composed of clips from the 1992 horror film Winterbeast most certainly is. Rather than try to break down the history of this film as it crawled toward release, I’ll let this cut of the film without any people in it do the talking:

Yes, I’d say that gets the point across quite well.

TIE Fighters

If your sense of humor is as basic as mine then this will be the highlight of your day:

I have a roommate. How long that lasts is up for debate because he’s had about as much as he can take of listening to this. “Were you listening to the TIE Fighters again?” I’ll have to get myself up and running again soon or I’ll be living in a box. I also went ahead and put something up at the Facebook and Twitter feeds because it doesn’t involve me actually having to play it.

Lemon Smash

You mindlessly run around to goofy music smashing lemons. Your day needs this.


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