The Movigos Get Clever!

Ward steps up to the plate this Saturday with a pair of scary short films! Join us in the frightful festivities!

The Show

First off is “Lover’s Vow” from Tales from the Dark Side, the film based off the anthology series of the same name. Then we head down Independent Street with the short film, “The Jester“. Jesters are like the necromancers of “clowndom”, operating behind the scenes and pulling the strings of power before shedding their entertaining facade to plunge a dagger into your heart and suck out your soul, turning you into a puppet that rules by its dark whim.

Goddamn, next D&D campaign planned!


Saturday, March 3rd
4pm EST/3pm CST/9pm GMT: “Lover’s Vow” [46:00 minute mark] (Around 20 minutes)
4:20pm EST/3:20pm CST/9:20pm GMT: Break
4:30pm EST/3:30pm CST/9:30pm GMT : The Jester (10 minute short film)

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Alex – @SynBoomstick
Amberley – @IamAmberley
Elijah – @ElijahR_S
Eric – @ericshayhoward
Layne – @Chew_On_Glass
Mel – @GutierFiction
Peter – @TheLittleFears
Ward – @cleverward1
(Host Feed TBA)


16 thoughts on “The Movigos Get Clever!

    1. Lemons is afraid of clowns?… but they are so cuddly and cute… they just want to make you laugh Lemons… let them make you laugh….. haha… let the GIFs begin… 10 points to whoever finds one with a clown and a turtle…


      1. You know I love you, Layney Bear… but… (insert “fuck you” substitute that is acceptable between friends) … I’m legit scared to open my twitter now…

        Clowns are made of evil.
        They were born from evil.
        They should die from evil.


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