Who are these “Movigos” and “Movigas”?

Though I coined the term “Movigos”, I didn’t create the idea. That honor goes to Peter, a horned little fiend who originally started reaching out to like-minded consumers of horror and film trash during his work over on littlefears.co.uk with Chili Black, a UK-based streaming service that has a wide collection of such flicks. It was him and Layne at the start; Are you interested in doing a collaborative project on Land of the Dead? Hell yeah I was down for some zombies.

Layne, a cartoon penguin, is a horror writer like Peter who works his trade at chewing-on-glass.com. So through Land of the Dead, An American Werewolf in London (Not enough man ass has been has since.), Deep Blue Sea, V For Vendetta, and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil it was these two writers and me, the weird guy who reviews killer dildo movies. Then the Turtle Incident happened and I couldn’t make it one Saturday, so the two of them switched to Twilight Zone episodes.

When I came back, those plus a creepypasta on YouTube became the regular thing for a while. That was when Amberley, an Aussie with a lemon fetish, came aboard. She practices her literary madness over at fuckthelemonade.wordpress.com and let me tell you, she has excellent taste in both Twilight Zone episodes and creepypasta stories because up to that point it was mainly all, “What the fuck is happening?”

It was after the Saturday of Nightcrawlers and “I Am Not Allowed To Fall In Love” that the group experienced a growth spurt. Friends-of-friends got in on the action and Mel, Eric, Ward, and Elijah joined the adventuring party. I’m still getting to know them but I already know that they’re all fun to do things with. Mel is a writer who practices her craft at fictioninmyhead.com. You can read Ward’s work over at wardclever.wordpress.com.  For Eric’s writing, check out ericshayhoward.com. Elijah keeps himself busy over on elijahrichard.com.

I’m still getting to know some and catching up will all, but that’s us. We are the Movigos: seven writers and one killer dildo movie reviewer.

20 thoughts on “Who are these “Movigos” and “Movigas”?

  1. Aww! Thanks Alex!!! You’re cool dude! I was just telling LemonySugar how much I love our community of friends. Horror is not necessarily my preferred genre but… I love movies. So I’m grateful to be included in the cool crowd!

    Pete has been an amazing friend and mentor to me from the beginning. Definitely a great friend!

    I’m going to be honest though Alex… though I appreciate the gender designation… I kind of love the idea of genderless “Movigos”.

    But love ya for recognizing! 😉

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      1. Lol! Your too sweet! I like “Movigos”.

        I’m not opposed to “Movigas” but… “Movigos” just makes me smile! I our designation is much more what we share with our creativity… not because of or with our gender.

        Dunno… just saying (*runs to consult LemonySugar*)

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  2. Dude… I just spat on my phone from laughter… I didn’t mean to. It was in no way a conscious decision to spit on my phone… you made me do it… Killer dildo movie review… bahahahahahahahahaha
    I need to go find this review.

    You are full of sweetness. Thank you so much for this post!

    I feel so honored to be amoung you guys. I love our Sunday morning Twitter spook fest.

    I agree with Melon. I would just like to ignore my vagina and have everyone else ignore also. I LOVE #movigos

    Also… we don’t need to go complicating the fucking hashtag thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thank you for this post. I believe I need to hear more about this turtle thing though 🐢🔫


    *waves to Melon from across the room

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    1. It was only so this post would work in my head as I wrote it. There are no plans to alter anything.

      The movie’s called “Killdo”.

      As Peter reported, I tripped on a turtle and broke my back in fourteen places. Lost all feeling below my big toe. Asshole was out-of-season, never saw it coming in the snow.

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      1. What!!! Oh my goodness! That is terrible! Alex! You poor dear! Stupid turtle… I have seen you talk about your back but I didn’t think you broke it! Are you okay?

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      2. It’s all fun and games watching turtles swinging nunchucks until one trips you up and bludgeons you to death with a half-eaten animal cracker because you ate it head first.

        You’ll get no sympathy from me, mister!

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  3. This is just my kinda stuff! I am really into horror food too – like the BBC’s Hot Blood Soup and other things like graveyard cake, mouldy scones and eyeball pasta. More to the point – Kids LOVE it!

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  4. Hey, Alex! Thank you for giving me a shout-out, and I appreciate the company and the term. I’ll be honest… I like the idea of keeping it Movigos. I like this little community! Thanks for letting me tag along.

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