Video Updates

I’ve been spending the last week prepping for the Lego Robot project where I build my own custom giant robot out of four distinct official sets (Five if I can figure out how to integrate the parts.), only to have the lighting in my filming location go out. The fixture in question had to be installed by maintenance so I’m supposed to put in a ticket to have the bulbs replaced, otherwise I’d have changed them myself and wouldn’t have a problem. Without it the camera lighting is too intense and glares off of the pieces and I don’t like that.

So while that gets taken care of I’m going to try a few different things to keep sharing weird and cool stuff. I’m aiming to make (Weird) Watching content shorter so I’m not bogging myself down with tons of texts and constantly coming to an abrupt stop when I get stuck in a paragraph. I’ll also cast a few lines for more weird art since I haven’t followed up on that since the initial “Time For Teletubbies”, and if my wrist can hold out for the duration I’ll get out one of the illustrations from “T Bots” because those have been hidden from the world long enough.

I’m really looking forward to my trigger point massage appointment tomorrow, it’s been months since I was able to schedule one and even though that’s going to make it hurt like hell, the relief on my muscles will be wonderful.


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