The Movigos Get Spooky!

I have you now!

The lot has fallen to me to pick the feature presentation for Saturday’s collaboration. That can only mean one thing: horror insanity loaded with weird monsters!

The Show

Spookies (1986): What happens when a bunch of obnoxious people get together and drive out to an old spooky house for a Halloween party during the 1980’s? Prepare for fun at the expense of others! 😈

If You Hear This Sound, Take Your Life Quickly And Quietly“, read by NaturesTemper. I have listened to a lot of “otherworldly beings” narrations and I think this one comes the closest to capturing the horrible experience of such a thing.


Saturday, February 17th
4pm EST/3pm CST/9pm GMT: Spookies (1hr 25min)
5:25pm EST/4:25pm CST/10:25pm GMT: Break
5:30pm EST/4:30pm CST/10:30pm GMT: If You Hear This Sound…

Sync up with us at Online Clock, the #1 source of potato connections for the Movigos!


Alex – @SynBoomstick – Host Feed
Amberley – @IamAmberley
Elijah – @ElijahR_S
Eric – @ericshayhoward
Layne – @Chew_On_Glass
Mel – @GutierFiction
Peter – @TheLittleFears
Ward – @cleverward1

12 thoughts on “The Movigos Get Spooky!

      1. Always wondered why they seemed so unhappy… thanks for the tip… “Hey quit your crying”… “We are going to watch a movie”… “It’s called the Human Centipede”… They seem overly excited about this… oddly quite for once… Thanks again Alex…

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    1. I keep tags on my posts for just these occasions. 😀

      @TheLittleFears – Peter
      @Chew_On_Glass – Layne
      @IamAmberley – Amberley
      @GutierFiction – Mel
      @cleverward1 – Ward
      @ericshayhoward -Eric
      @SynBoomstick – Alex

      Just paste the Twitter part and it auto-links them to your tweet.


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