The Movigos: “Nightcrawlers” & “I Am Not Allowed to Fall in Love”

The Collaboration

This week’s Movigos gathering was quite a party. In addition to Layne, Peter, and Amberley there was quite a turnout of new faces with Mel, Ward, Eric, and Elijah showing up for the festivities. We’re turning into a force to be reckoned with!

Now as the last two Twilight Zone episodes were butt and the first creepypasta made us all mental, there wasn’t any blog coverage or ratings. Come to think of it ratings weren’t done this time ’round either, so there won’t be a “Ratings” section. But let me tell you, this time the people working on this particular episode got it perfect.



Amberley’s episode pick, Nightcrawlers, begins with the local Sheriff, Dennis Wells, arriving at Big Bob’s Cafe on a dark and stormy night; Right off the bat we’re in my kind of country. Over his supper he tells the staff that the “…massacre over in Elko has me spooked.” Apparently somebody went off and shot up a hotel “real bad” and he’s worried about said individual making their way into town.

I will interrupt here to comment on how great the musical score in this episode is, all menacing low guitar and harmonica.

“Like it? You kidding? I fuckin’ love it.” -Richie Ginelli, Thinner

Back to our story: into an establishment full of staff, families, and an officer walks a guy by the name of Ray. Saying that Ray looks a bit unhinged is sugar-coating it. The fact that he’s only drinking coffee and popping some pharmaceuticals doesn’t ease Sheriff Wells’ nerves one bit. The waitress points out that Ray’s lighter has “Nightcrawlers” engraved on it and it comes out that he got it when he was in ‘Nam, everyone in his unit did. Wells gets a bit more respectful towards the man, saying that he supported things one-hundred percent.

Ray turns sour again and makes to leave but the Sheriff keeps trying to say how he understands what it was like because he “had buddies over there”. Ray starts on a slow burn that quickly rages into a wild-fire that consumes the whole place, but as with any story of this sort, it’s not technically Ray that’s the danger here…


“I Am Not Allowed To Fall In Love”

Amberley’s narrative choice was from our man CreepsMcPasta, who seems to be a common favorite among the Movigos and who’s definitely on my own list of Horror Narrator Greats, and she picked it because Valentine’s Day is close at hand. Isn’t that sick? She’s awesome.

I Am Not Allowed To Fall In Love” tells the tale of a teenage guy who meets a girl while at the mall with his friends. She kisses him almost as soon as they meet and his teenage brain is swept away. “If you liked that, why not just go ahead and promise to be mine forever?”, she says. Now, think back to when you were a teen, or if you are a teen, think about a time when you made a decision based on raging hormones. It probably wasn’t so great in hindsight, was it? Well, you still got off better than our friend here. See, this gal’s possessive and she’ll always know if you’re thinking about moving on.

My fellow Movigos might have spotted the pun hidden in there. 😀


Next Week

Peter left the question of who would pick next open just a bit too long and so I leapt in like the rat bastard I am after Layne elected that “the grump” do it. So some sort of horrid film awaits in the dark of my movie cabinet.

Also, there was a GIF of a snapping turtle biting a guy’s ass (“Man ass” and “turtles” are inside group jokes for Layne and myself respectively.) that prompted a Dragon Ball Z fusion joke between Layne and I. Our fusion’s name is Shitting Glass. WordPress, you have allowed me to meet some truly incredible people.

Hells yeah I’m gonna draw that fusion, sillies!

I am Madness!

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