Sometimes I don’t like movies

I’ve been writing this giant monster movie review for weeks now and it just keeps going on and on and on like I’ll never reach a stopping point, but I also can’t figure out how to pare it down properly because everything in Toho is always somehow super-important to the plot; I’d just as well provide a YouTube link. So while I sort out my writing issues, I’ll be going back to a bunch of robots that have been sitting around, doing a bit of “art”, and trying some more Daily Prompts.

Movigos is also tomorrow so I’ll focus on that. Maybe this time The Twilight Zone will improve its reputation with me. Really, when it gets remade twice and both remakes are butt, something very important is being missed.

I’m staying on the lookout for joyful nuggets of garbage on the shelves but the past couple weeks have been quite around here while I do battle with a bad back. If readers have any suggestions for things they’d like to see featured, or even have a lead, I’d love to hear from ya. 😀

I have six Lego robots that turned out to all be more or less the same size, most with alternate vehicle modes, so I want to cover each of them and then try my hand at making a super-awesome combining giant robot out of them. The three “Not-Lego” giant robot combiner sets are still back in New Jersey because the car can’t handle a ton of stuff per trip and I chose to focus on important things like clothing so my neighbors will speak to me.

There’s also this gem that I got a while back when I grabbed up the “Dollar Dudes”:

T Bots
Simply friggin’ marvelous

Look at the shine and shading work on that hunk of scrap! This is what I’m talking about, showing love to the dumb stuff! There are pages upon pages of “morphing robots” just like this one, some weirder than others and more than a few uninspired junkers plus one or two that I just gave up on trying to decode what the designer had originally been going for. there’s even a “Optimus” in there somewhere, I saw him/it. What would be really great would be coming up with names for these bots, so dust off your Stupositron Helmets!

Oh, and I remembered a weird book. Looks like there might be some “weird weading”. :p

Pop goes the Boomstick!


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