The Movigos in “Twilight/Creepy 3”

While I stare daggers at my screen and demand that a movie review write itself into existence, the Movigos have been spinning the wheel to see where we’ll be venturing next. The Twilight Zone seems to remain a popular choice asĀ Amberley has us heading through that spinning door once again to try and make sense of the story while I whine about nothing making any sense. Hey, might as well practice the things you’re good at, right? :p


Twilight Zone: Nightcrawlers
“I am Not Allowed to Fall in Love” creepypasta (This is a good one.)


Saturday, Feb. 10th
9pm GMT/4pm EST/3pm CST: Twilight Zone

Break for 5

9:30pm GMT/4:30 EST/3:30 CST: Horror Story

Aimless gabbing to follow


@TheLittleFears – Peter
@Chew_On_Glass – Layne
@IamAmberley – Amberley
@GutierFiction – Mel
@cleverward1 – Ward
@ericshayhoward -Eric
@SynBoomstick – Alex

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