Cool Toys with Alex, Part 8: Mega Construx Spinner!

Fidget spinners have become a bit of a fad over the last year or so. What started out as a small device intended to aid hyperactivity and provide a focal point for racing minds is now a small toy craze as kids of all sorts now enjoy these multi-lobed objects for the sheer joy that spinning things just seems to bring us. Ever put a ruler on the end of your pencil in class? You don’t know what it is about that action, it’s just so satisfying.

I spotted several of these on a grocery run some time back and thought the concept of a spinner that you put together was a natural addition to something intended to aid in attentiveness and concentration. So let’s build it!

What makes a Lego Maniac happier than a table covered in parts?

Between the two available models, “FVX44” and “FVX45” (out of six: “FVX46”, “FVX47”, “FVX48”, and “FVX49”), I opted for the yellow one because it looked more mechanical but mostly because the aqua one wasn’t at the store. There are few block schemes quite as classic as yellow, red, and grey or black.


So to start off we need a base for each of the three lobes of this spinner. Two of those wonderful multi-sided bricks and a plate each will do the job nicely. Now let’s get to work on that yellow chassis and red highlights!

Lay down those angled yellow pieces and then pop a red “light onto each, plugging a red double-sided brick to the base of each. This is where the lobe will plug into the hub later. Then just flip each lobe and repeat until you have what are either Cybertronian fish or Atari space ships. Atari build sets… get on those, Lego! 😀


Lastly, to clean up the look of each lobe we’ll pop on a disc. Now they look properly robotic!

Now that we are finished with all three of the lobes they need something to attach to in order to become a proper spinner. That’s as easy as popping this three-pronged Technic hub onto a rotatory brick and snapping each lobe into place. Now we’ve got something that looks like a fidget spinner, all that’s needed is to put in the “key” and lock this build down.

*Insert epic “PLING”, “CHING”, “PAAWW”, or other combining sound effect of your choice!*

Behold, Mecha-Wrench Tri-Blaster! As before, yellow and either grey or black are a classically solid color pairing for any type of building block, and the transparency of the red bricks simply pops under a good light source. Here’s how this build compares to a standard fidget spinner:


As you can see, they’re about the same size. The actual fidget spinner outweighs the brick spinner by a good deal due to its bearings and also spins both faster and for much longer than the brick one, which holds a good speed for about five second or so before stopping. While this has the benefit of requiring more constant spins and thus potentially providing more to focus on than the standard spinner model, it also makes the clacking, grinding noise of spinning plastic bricks and because it lacks weights it doesn’t provide that glorious sensation of centrifugal force when you rotate your hand around as it spins.

Still, it’s nice and bright and fun to put together. If your kids are crazy about fidget spinners or if you have one yourself, or if you’re just a builder, definitely consider these sets for some family fun or your own enjoyment. 🙂

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