The More, The Merrier

Moviego aka Movigo: “moo-VEE-goh”: a portmanteau of “movie” and “amigo”, and the term used in the title for the collaborative Saturday event held by Layne, Peter, and myself. Three of us, hence “Three Moviegos”.

Until now.

No longer be we three, for another hath joined our odd lot. May I, or we, introduce Amberley! Amberley joined us yesterday for a viewing of The Twilight Zone‘s “Cold Fusion” and a story titled “Theater of Puppets” on YT, during which not one of us used the tag. That ended up being a small matter though because neither story made sense. Stinky 2000’s Twilight Zone reboot, the success of the original series went a little further than just, “omg so weird”.

There wasn’t much discussion other than, “What is going on?”, and there was nothing to rate so we didn’t. :v

So I’d say we’re “The Movigos” now!

11 thoughts on “The More, The Merrier

  1. I’m all about 80’s TZ… but Forrest Whitaker… is the best host ever… I love how he says… “In the Twilight Zone”… To me it sounds like… Print the fucking check… Amazing… Looking forward to this Saturday… With The Moviegos…

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  2. I’d like to this at some point. I love movies. Gotta check my schedule. LOL. I’m laughing at how serious this all sounds. Not because I’m making fun… I’m just thinking I’m actually wanting to clear my schedule for this. LOL.

    Cool for doing this.

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    1. Oh, it is real serious Mel… Are you sure you are ready to join the The Moviegos?…. Like really sure?… because there is paper work… tattoos(Stick on.. still serious though)… Alex has to run a back ground check (3 to 4 days… depends on his back)… there is fittings for the uniform… not trying to talk you out of it… but it is serious business… : )

      I hope you can find the time one of these days…

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